Are You Making This Mistake on Social Media?

When using social media, financial professionals have it tough. They have different rules when communicating online, which can make it difficult to engage in conversations using social media. Understanding these challenges and what can be done will help anyone who uses social media to avoid making the following mistake.

Be Social on Social Media

The mistake that some financial professionals make on social media is they don’t participate. The act of being social, whether online or in person, requires one to engage in two-way communication.

Not participating on social networks is similar to attending a conference and standing in the corner, watching everyone walk by.

Do you do this at industry events you attend or client parties you host? Of course you don’t. In person, you have to be social and the same goes for the way you act on social media.

How to Participate on Social Media

Financial professionals know the feeling. Can I like that post? Am I allowed to retweet this? Can I share that article? Know your firm’s policies so you understand how you can participate.

Listen and respond to conversations on social channels, and add value to your followers by sharing educational materials. Answer questions and offer valuable comments on conversations in which you know you can share your expertise.

By doing this, and sharing online, you will position yourself as a thought leader. More importantly, you add value to those to whom you are connected. Each time you do this, you’ll be building trust with existing and potential clients.

What Happens When You Participate on Social Media?

When you participate on social media, it creates touch points and keeps you omnipresent. Every financial professional knows it’s not possible to speak to every client, every day.

Therefore, social media can help keep your face in front of those important to your practice while you work on bringing in more business. Participating on social media also grants immediate gratification, and this is important because the faster you can provide a response when warranted, the better you’ll be perceived.

If you think that participating on social media is optional, then you probably won’t see the same results as those who make participation part of their strategies.  

Be sure to follow any compliance guidelines that your firm may have regarding the use of social media and social media networks.

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