How to Limit the Visibility of Your Connections on LinkedIn

There's a saying, "your clients are someone else's prospects." It's likely you spend some time on client retention to avoid losing clients to your competition. If you're connected to your clients on LinkedIn, you may be wondering how easy it is for others to see your connections. In fact, because your connections are visible on your profile, you might even be providing other financial professionals an easy-to-steal prospect list. If this concerns you, the good news is you can limit the visibility of your connections.

The first thing to understand is that only LinkedIn members with whom you're connected can see your connections. This default setting prevents anyone who is not a first-degree connection from seeing your other connections. But, what if you're connected to other financial professionals or individuals who may find value in seeing your connections? This may be why you want to change the visibility setting for your connections in LinkedIn so that only mutual connections can be seen.

Follow these steps:

  1. Access your LinkedIn Settings & Privacy.
  2. Switch to the Privacy tab.
  3. Look for "Who can see your connections."
  4. Look in the drop-down list and change the setting to "Only you" (see screenshot below).

After you make this change, it will be auto-saved, and you can rest assured you won't have to worry about your competition using LinkedIn to prospect your clients.

Be sure to follow any compliance guidelines that your firm may have regarding the use of social media and social media networks.

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