One Way to Gain Credibility on Social Media

Gaining credibility on social media is like becoming a celebrity.

When celebrities post on social, people listen. People trust their opinion.

The hard part about this is that it doesn't happen overnight. Both trust and credibility are built on consistency and on follow-through. Therefore, gaining that celebrity-like status on social media is the result of strategic planning, dedication of time, and having an understanding that value is something you give, not take.

So how can financial professionals gain credibility on social media? By sharing highly valuable content.

What is Highly Valuable Content?

Highly valuable content is content that users are interested in seeing. It may either educate, empower, entertain or engage these readers. This type of content is unique to everyone. So how do advisors determine what type of content is highly valuable to their audience?

By listening.

Financial professionals who listen to their network's updates can learn what may be noteworthy to them. To further this learning, advisors should click the articles, read the posts, and pay attention to what people are saying in the comment section.

Listening will cut down on the time it takes to search for great content.

Another tactic to help determine what great content looks like is to measure engagement. Likes, comments, and shares can identify highly valuable content. Being attentive to these social signals will make it easier to find quality articles.

Online Tool to Find Content

There are tools that can help with sourcing quality social media content and one that I like to use is created by Buzzsumo. They have a search tool that will find the most shared content on social media. The free version will permit a few searches a day. If you register for a free account, you will be given more than three searches every 24 hours.

Tip when using the tool: I have found that by filtering results by LinkedIn shares helps elevate business specific content instead of miscellaneous cat videos that go viral on Facebook or Twitter.



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