Prospecting for New Clients on LinkedIn

If you’re looking to attract high-net-worth individuals, then using social media is a great tactic because 70% of those people use social media. Of those, 62% check LinkedIn weekly, making LinkedIn one of the best places to prospect for new clients.

To get started, think about your top clients. What do they have in common? It may be their lifestyles, career choices, assets under management, or financial challenges. Whatever it may be, defining these characteristics will be important to identifying potential prospects.

After you discover the types of people you want to find, the place to start searching is on LinkedIn. Many people use LinkedIn as an online resume, so they keep their information up-to-date. This allows LinkedIn to act as a mini customer relationship management system.

With that in mind, there are many ways to find people who may benefit from your services. Here are three ways financial professionals can use LinkedIn to find new clients.

1. Through Existing Clients

Connecting with your clients on LinkedIn also will allow you to see their friends. These friends may be similar to your clients. Consider spending some time digging through existing client connections. When you find someone who may fit your set of client characteristics, view his/her profile and read it. You will discover information about him/her that will let you know if the person might fit your prospect mold.

If someone does fit the mold, do not send a connection invitation at this point. Instead, use LinkedIn's introductions to make referral connections instead.

2. Through Advanced Search

The advanced search feature on LinkedIn allows you to target specific types of prospects. You can then save these searches. When similar prospects are found, LinkedIn will e-mail you the new results.

With a free LinkedIn account, you can save up to three of these searches and set reminders to receive new prospect lists weekly or monthly. If you opt for a premium account you can save more searches on LinkedIn.

Here is a handy guide to learn how to perform an advanced search and save it.

3. Through Alumni Search

The advanced search feature on LinkedIn is really useful, and saving searches can help save time. But it doesn’t allow you to search for people by age. So how do you find prospects by age by using LinkedIn?

With some guessing, a little bit of math, and the Alumni search tool, you can start creating a prospect list in your target age range. This handy guide will walk you through the steps necessary to start prospecting on LinkedIn by age.


After you have found prospects by using LinkedIn, use your existing network to create introductions to these people. When you view someone’s profile, LinkedIn will show you connections you share. If these shared connections are people with whom you have close relationships, then one of these people may be the right person to approach for an introduction.

Although LinkedIn has tools to reach out to prospects, finding a way to take that conversation offline will help with converting these prospects into clients.

Be sure to follow any compliance guidelines that your firm may have regarding the use of social media and social media networks.

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