What Makes for a Great LinkedIn Profile?

Your LinkedIn profile is an important component of your personal brand. It provides an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skills as well as cultivate connections that will help you grow your business. With more and more financial professionals using LinkedIn, making your profile stand out is important so people can find you.

To stand out from other financial professionals, your LinkedIn profile should include as much unique information as possible. As people search on LinkedIn or use search engines, this information will be used to help identify you.

When potential clients visit your LinkedIn profile, you only have a few short moments to capture their attention. Here are some important elements to include in your profile to help.

Name and Image

Don’t get caught without an image on your profile because you will be 14 times less likely to be found on LinkedIn. When people search for you on LinkedIn, your image and name will be shown in results. Ensure those who are searching for you can identify you easily.

Your profile picture should be professional. It should accurately reflect who you are and what you look like in your place of business. Having a great image in your LinkedIn profile can be the first touch point between you and a client.

Professional Headline

Don’t use the default headline provided by LinkedIn. Your professional headline can help provide more depth to the services you offer potential clients. In it, you should include specific keywords related to your business.

Users who find you through LinkedIn search tools will see your name, image, and also your professional headline. Here is an example of a headline for a financial professional:

Financial Professional & Estate Planner, Retirement & Investment Consultant, Investment Advisor, Wealth Coach

Complete Profile

Complete as many fields in your LinkedIn profile as possible. This includes your biography, summary, past experience, education, interests, organizations, and groups.

You don’t need to overdo it and write five pages of information for your summary. Keep it short and be specific about what you do and how you can help potential clients.

Background Image

Background images can give profiles a face-lift and allow financial professionals to further brand their LinkedIn accounts with their firms’ logos. Consider working with someone on your team or use an online service to produce some unique backgrounds to use in your profile.

Published Content

LinkedIn allows you to publish content on LinkedIn that appears in your profile. If you have a blog and write content regularly, consider reusing that content as a LinkedIn published post to add more value to your profile.

According to LinkedIn, these posts are searchable both on LinkedIn and through search engines. Sharing content in this form will help build your credibility and showcase your expertise.

Customize and Add Hyperlinks

Every LinkedIn profile has a unique hyperlink. When someone clicks your hyperlink it will take him/her to your LinkedIn profile. This link can be customized, and you should consider doing so if you haven’t already. Customizing your link allows you to make it unique, and you can advertise it on presentation slides, business cards, and e-mail signatures.

LinkedIn allows you to list three hyperlinks in your profile that are shown in your contact information. When people click these hyperlinks, they will be redirected to a website outside of LinkedIn. Take advantage of this and add hyperlinks that send people to your website or blog.


Before you start making changes to your profile, consider all the elements above. Write text for each section in a word document, which can help with grammar and punctuation. Then copy and paste that text into the appropriate sections in LinkedIn.

By taking these steps you’ll be more strategic with your LinkedIn profile. It will allow your profile to do the job it is capable of and help you stand out from the competition while attracting clients at the same time.

Be sure to follow any compliance guidelines that your firm may have regarding the use of social media and social media networks.

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